Carpentry isn't just building cupboards, although we do that too. (And it has nothing to do with carpets. Wooden floors, yes, but not carpets.)

Our forte is decking and our method of concealed fixing ensures that no fittings are visible on the finished deck. It just looks neater, because that's our thing. We also install any type of wood flooring. We construct all ceiling types too – bulkheads with recesses, shadow gaps, drapery pockets, concealed light fittings, and hung ceilings.

And we construct roofs and staircases and handrails and pergolas. We can go on. The point is: no matter what your requirements – no matter the timber you love – we do it.

Our Services


Apart from being specialist carpenters, we also offer a turn-key construction service.

Whether you require management for a renovation project, a small-scale construction contractor, or a full building team, we have the skills and the contacts to complete your project.

We specialise in light steel frame construction as an alternative to traditional brick-&-mortar, which is the modern way of completing your home much smarter and faster.

Our projects

From Knysna, on South Africa’s famous Garden Route (just need to add that in there for emphasis), we offer exceptional service in woodwork craftsmanship, general roofing and light steel frame construction. In short, that means that we build anything with wood and that we also build complete homes from scratch, using the latest light steel framing method.

We'd love to tell you about our many years of experience, our professional team, and our personal involvement in all jobs – big or small.
We'd love to mention how we tailor our services to suit each client's individual needs (which basically means that we can do whatever you need to have done). But that wheelbarrow has been pushed so many times. And it sounds a lot like marketing. And that's not our speciality. We build.

The few words and pictures we upload here don't do us justice. Come see us for a free, no-obligation coffee and site visit, or just ask around. We also offer free advice and quotes.

Light Steel Construction

Wood and steel. Sounds contradicting, but light steel construction is rapidly gaining popularity in South Africa. It’s been the preferred method of construction in Australia and America for decades.

The core structures of the building are erected in light steel, after which the interior and exterior walls are cladded or plastered. So, where you could've used wood for roof and wall structures (and hidden it behind cladding anyway), we would advise using steel instead. Some of the many advantages include its exceptional durability, low impact on the environment, superior insulation qualities, and the bonus of this construction method using almost no water (which makes it the obvious choice when building in water scarce areas).

Light steel construction is also exceptionally fast. An average size house can be completed under four months – from the start of ground works up to final finishing. Another way we're helping you save time and money.

Foundations & Floors

Wall Structures

Roof Structures

Complete Homes

P r o j e c t s

We’re well-known carpenters in the Garden Route area, but our reputation doesn’t stop here. Our roots are in Knysna, just because everyone loves living here (and because we can, and not at all because our scope is relative to our town’s size). We gladly travel, and have hung our hard hats at construction sites across the country and even as far as Mozambique and the Seychelles.

Our first light steel project in Knysna was a 160 m² house in Campbell Drive, Knysna Heights – a rebuilt of a fire victim’s house after Knysna’s devastating July 2017 fires. The brick-&-mortar ruins were replaced with a new light steel frame home within 48 construction days.

Our second light steel project in Knysna was a 120 m² house in Ridge Drive, Knysna Heights – also a rebuilt of a fire victim’s house after Knysna’s devastating July 2017 fires. We’ve had the house completed as far as foundation, walls, roof and windows within three weeks after construction started at the end of […]

Our third light steel project in Knysna was a 140 m² house in Du Preez Street, Knysna Heights – also a rebuilt of a fire victim’s house after Knysna’s devastating July 2017 fires. Construction started at the very end of December 2017. By Day 18 of construction, we already had the roof up. The owners […]

Our fourth light steel project in Knysna consisted of four house on the Phantom Pass road, facing the Knysna Lagoon. The ten lodges were lost in the Knysna fires of July 2017 and we rebuilt the first four in August 2018 – ready for December 2018 holiday guests. Watch some drone footage here.

Our fifth light steel project kicked off August 2018 with a project in Brenton, on the outskirts of Knysna. After extensive fire damage during the Knysna fires of 2017, this double storey home was completed in under three months.

Over the years, we’ve completed many individual carpentry projects – from decking and wood flooring to pergolas, eaves and roofs.


We're carpenters at heart and prefer working with indigenous hard wood species. It's a hard wild-heart thing.

Knysna used to be a timber village and we are fortunate to still have access to high quality timber right on our doorstep.

However, we are flexible. Whether you want pine or an exotic, imported wood type, we'll make it work. Our timber contacts are widespread and we'll pull some nails to get you what you want.

These South African timber species are the most popular. (But please don't make your choice based on our pictures. You need to come feel and smell the wood here, or let us help you choose the most suitable wood type for your project if you feel that you can't quite align your senses and pocket.)

Ipé / Brazilian Walnut
American Walnut


Light steel offers so many advantages over traditional building material. While relatively new to Africa, this building method has been used for decades abroad.
How high can you build with light steel framing as a construction method?
Light steel construction is relatively new to South Africa. Here we answer some frequently asked questions.
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