oUsing bamboo for flooring and decking is bringing together, in one product, many of the best qualities of more expensive well-known timbers.

The wood is extremely hard (45% harder than Balau decking and twice as hard as Oak flooring) and more stable than Oak flooring. What’s more, strand woven bamboo flooring still gives you the same look and feel as timber.

Being a pre-finished product, using bamboo saves on installation costs and increases productivity. It is hypoallergenic, making it a healthier option indoors, plus bamboo flooring is extremely easy to keep clean and maintain.

Bamboo is the most eco-friendly, renewable and sustainable alternative to more expensive, exotic timbers. Bamboo takes only five years to mature, compared to 40+ years for exotics – making it a very renewable resource. Bamboo grows quickly, so the cycle of returning nutrients to the soil is also much faster. There’s also no deforestation during harvesting, as with all other timber felling. Due to the growing patterns of bamboo, it is assisting with carbon footprint and global warming issues.

Bamboo’s hardness and durability makes it ideal for flooring and decking – both residential and commercial.