Exterior Finishing

As part of our turn-key construction service, we offer the entire range of specialised carpentry services for exterior finishing, including:


A pergola is a construction of pillars, supporting cross beams and a sturdy, open lattice. This normally merely serves as a garden feature or a shaded walkway or passageway.

As a type of gazebo, a pergola may be part of a building as protection for an open terrace. Pergolas also often link pavilions, may extend from a building’s door to an open garden feature (such as an isolated terrace or pool) or may be entirely free-standing structures providing shelter and shade to a length of walkway.

The beams of wooden pergolas tend to twist quite a lot in extreme weather conditions. To stop this from happening, we designed a unique concept. Instead of just using solid beams, a boxed beam is manufactured with secret nailing and bulkaton glue. This results in each piece of wood pulling in its own way and the beam not twisting in one particular direction.

Modern pergola designs tend to favour wood over stone structures and are thus more affordable and increasing in popularity. Generally, pergolas are constructed from a weather-resistant wood, such as Pine, Meranti or Balau.


Eaves refer to the space at the bottom of the roof between the outside wall and the fascia. Normally this area is just closed up with Nutec board (cement fibre), but we can custom design woodwork to finish off the eaves in a much more appealing manner.

Meranti strips, Pine battons or even Bamboo can be used to create a unique outside finish to the roof.