The MeyerBros Story

In 2005 four brothers decided to make the most of their great relationship and combined their diverse skills to start a company that’s currently one of the very best in the trade.

Born in Kroonstad in the Free State, the Meyers fell in love with the Garden Route. The two older brothers decided to settle in Knysna, while the twins, Schalk and Henk, where still gaining valuable specialised carpentry experience in the UK before joining the company.

Over time, the older brothers pursued other interests, and Schalk and Henk took full reign of the company.

Originally the company focused on installing built-in cupboards and offering general carpentry services (doors, skirtings, etc.). They soon started implementing their shopfitting skills and expanded their services to specialised ceilings, roofing, decking, and drylining. Complementary to their carpentry skills, the company now also builds light steel frame homes as a turn-key construction solution.

Local craftsmen receive meticulous training from the brothers and every job is personally overseen by Henk and Schalk Meyer to ensure that the MeyerBros standards are maintained.

What started as a simple dream for four farm boys grew to be a successful, professional company.

This is the short version. If you need to hear more, we’ll have to discuss it over lunch.