For centuries, boat builders have prized teak’s unparalleled durability, workability and resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Teak is a hard, medium-density wood, which is both fire and acid resistant.

Teak wood has a rich brown colour with darker chocolate-brown markings. Oil finishes can be used to emphasize the rich, beautiful colour of teak, or it can be left to naturally weather to a soft silver-grey appearance. Pre-drilling is necessary for nailing. Gluing is good on freshly planed or sanded areas. Due to the wood’s natural preservative oils (Tectona Grandis) it is virtually maintenance free. Teak is also unaffected by insects, fungus and acids, making it ideal for decks and other outdoor architectural projects. Teak is also suitable to be used for indoor flooring and as a veneer for indoor furnishings.