MeyerBros & Rancor Construction

The Knysna fires of June 2017 made international news.

Knysna lost hundreds of homes and countless more were damaged
in the largest fire disaster in the recorded history of South Africa.

Fire victims that lost their homes were desperate to get back on their feet and rebuild their lives as soon as possible.
Due to the immense demand for construction services, immediate local resources were simply not adequate.
Therefore, MeyerBros partnered with Rancor to assist Knysna in its road to recovery.

Rancor brought its valuable experience and skills in the general construction and specifically light steel industries. MeyerBros applied its expert building and carpentry skills, as well as their local connections.

Together, the two companies assisted residents in constructing their homes much quicker than what would otherwise have been possible with traditional brick-&-mortar construction methods.

On average, we completed homes of fire victims (from site clearance to ready-to-occupy) within four months.


Rancor Construction